A natural setting with stunning harbour views.

Four mixed-use sites highlighted by open spaces and landscaping features, connected to the waterfront by the Lime Bay Mews walkway, and to surrounding districts by the E&N RailTrail.

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At the southwest quadrant of Bayview Place, the four sites within Lime Bay District will accommodate new residential towers with stunning harbour views, and mixed-use ground-level spaces along an accessible and manicured landscape.

Lime Bay Sites 1 & 2

Mixed-use highrise sites along the Lime Bay Mews walkway supporting retail, commercial, or residential units on the ground level. Building heights of 20 and 23 storeys are approved—making these the tallest outside Victoria's downtown core—with access to underground parking off of Kimta Road. Also featuring a landmark restaurant space with outdoor seating overlooking a reflecting pool.

Lime Bay Sites 3 & 4

Residential sites featuring ground-level studios or townhomes along the E&N RailTrail. These bu ildings are situated to create south-facing landscaped courtyards for residents, contributing to the green setting of the neighbourhood. Building heights of 16 to 20 storeys define this southwest extent of Bayview Place, with the terraced building forms that relate to the adjacent urban context.

A destination within
a neighbourhood.

In addition to this district being highly accessible along Lime Bay Mews, it includes a landmark restaurant space with views to Lime Bay over a reflecting pool. The waterside restaurant will serve as a destination for visitors within Bayview Place, and from the waterfront Westsong Walkway—drawing people and activity into the neighbourhood.